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Reflecting on "Be Kind to Your Mind Week" at Scholarship Prep Oceanside: Nurturing Mental Wellness in Our School Community

Reflecting on "Be Kind to Your Mind Week" at Scholarship Prep Oceanside: Nurturing Mental Wellness in Our School Community

Posted by Scholarship Prep on May 20, 2024 in General News

May at Scholarship Prep Oceanside was a whirlwind of positivity and growth as we celebrated "Be Kind to Your Mind Week." Led by our dedicated School Counselors, Ms. Grieshaber and Miss Winters, as well as our Sources of Strength student peer leadership group, each day was packed with engaging activities to promote social-emotional learning and strengthen our sense of unity.

Movement Monday
set the tone for the week with students donning their favorite sports fan or workout gear and embracing the opportunity to move and play during recess. From obstacle courses to dance sessions, it was a dynamic start to our week-long celebration.

Treat Yourself Tuesday
reminded us of the importance of self-care as Scholars enjoyed a free dress day, expressing their individuality and boosting their confidence. Positive affirmations filled the air during recess as students engaged in activities designed to cultivate resilience and self-esteem.

Be the "WE" in Wellness Wednesday
emphasized the power of community in supporting mental wellness. Through collaborative activities like bracelet making and games, our Scholars showcased their strength in unity. Multiple/twin dress-up day further reinforced the message of solidarity within our school community.

Thoughtful Thursday
encouraged gratitude as a pathway to happiness. Students participated in gratitude activities, fostering an appreciation for the present moment. The day concluded with a heartwarming display of support as scholars dressed up in attire representing their passions and interests.

As the week came to a close, our Sources of Strength Peer Leaders organized a memorable Family Picnic Friday to celebrate our collective journey towards mental wellness. Families came together, wearing green to show solidarity with mental health advocacy, and enjoyed an afternoon of laughter, connection, and shared commitment to well-being.

"Be Kind to Your Mind Week" served as a poignant reminder that mental wellness is a community effort. By equipping our students with the tools to navigate life's challenges and fostering a culture of kindness and support, we empower them to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.