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Scholarship Prep Community Makes A Dashing Impact with Fun Run Fundraiser

Scholarship Prep Community Makes A Dashing Impact with Fun Run Fundraiser

Posted by Scholarship Prep on May 06, 2024 in General News

We're thrilled to share the incredible success of Scholarship Prep Oceanside's recent Fun Run fundraiser. It was a day filled with energy, excitement, and community spirit, all for a fantastic cause. Let's dive into the highlights!

Students Dash to Make a Difference
: Our amazing students ran a whopping 18,416 laps, covering an impressive distance of 1023 miles! Their enthusiasm was truly inspiring!

Funding for Enrichment and Events
: Through the collective efforts of our students, families, and supporters, Scholarship Prep Oceanside earned a remarkable total of $18,923.46! These funds will be used to enhance student enrichment programs, family events, as well as staff and student recognition events.

Generous Support Nationwide
: We're overwhelmed by the support we received from across the country. With a total of 870 pledges pouring in from 37 states, it's clear that our cause resonated far and wide. Thank you to everyone who contributed and helped make a difference in the lives of our students!

A Round of Applause for Pep Squad
: A huge shoutout to our incredible Pep Squad for their efforts in coordinating and volunteering at the event. Their hard work was instrumental in making the Fun Run a success!

Ms. Walker's Class Leads the Way
: Special recognition goes to Ms. Walker's class for their exceptional fundraising efforts. Their efforts led the school in donations.

A big thank you to all our donors who generously gave to a cause that will directly benefit our students, enriching their educational experience, creating memorable family events, and recognizing the hard work of our staff and students.

We couldn't be prouder of the Scholarship Prep Oceanside community for coming together and making our Fun Run fundraiser an impactful event. Together, we're shaping a brighter future for our students and school community. Go Sharks!