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Aladdin Cast and Crew List
Posted on January 20, 2020
Aladdin Cast List

Aladdin - Matthew M.
Jasmine - Raquel S.
Genie - Lucas G.
Babkak - Tanya Z.
Omar - Sophia A.
Kassim - Piper H.
Jafar - Tori H.
Iago - Peyton P.
Isir - Dulce N.
Manal - Emily C.
Rajah - Catalina B.
Princess #1 - Fernanda V.
Princess #2 - Valery B.
Sultan - Pablo M.
Beggar #1 - Isla B.
Beggar #2 - Italya C.
Beggar #3 - Kenley B.
Apple Vendor - Brooklyn L.
Fortune Teller - Alicia S.
Show Owner - Sophia H.
Razoul - Morgan L.
Guard #1 - Avah L.
Guard #2 - JuliAnn D.
Guard #3 - Henry G.
Prince Abdullah - Sean R.
Attendant #1 - Anaya V.
Attendant #2 - Sariah R.
Spooky Voice - Omar S.
Cave of Wonders - Alan L.A.
Dance Captain - Lola M.
Arabian Nights Trio - Sariah R., Valery B., Fernanda V.
A Whole New World Chorus - Kenley B., Isla B., Italya C., Lola M., Sariah R., Alicia S., Anaya V.
Ensemble - Ignacio A.M., Max B., Kaylah B., Josslyn C., Miya C., Mayra C.N.,
                  Crystal C., Hayln H., Emilio M., Jaccob M., Giana M.O., Yoseleen O.,
                  Katrina P., Malaysia P., Paolo R., Hailey R., Marelly R., Jasmine S.
Show Manager - Lilia T.
Crew - (roles to be assigned later) Leo B., Mayra C.N., Andy C., Hayln H., Melissa H., Ethan L.,
                                                    Mekhi L., Alan L.A, Adrian M., Nancy M., Sophia P., Jasmine S., Victor T.

Congratulations to everyone!! There was a ton of talent that showed up for auditions and I am so proud of all of you. You made my job of casting very hard and I appreciate that!
Reschedule of show
Posted on November 21, 2019
Thank you so much for responding quickly to our calls to pick up your child yesterday. We have been able to reschedule for Tuesday, December 3 @ 6:30. All scholars will need to be there by 4:00. Please have your scholar eat right after school. I will have a snack there for them but we will not have time for a dinner break since it’s a full day of school. It will still be at AVO playhouse at 303 Main Street, Vista!! Please email me at [email protected] if you can volunteer. 
Nutcracker Cast List
Posted on September 25, 2019
Congratulations to everyone.

Sugar Plum Fairy - Lola M.
Clara - Emily C.
Snow Queen - Crystal C.
Dew Drop - Sophia A.
Nutcracker - Lucas G.
Mouseking - Sean R.
Drosselmeyer - Omar S.
Fritz - Pablo M.
Lead Toy Doll - Elaina M.
Lead Toy Soldier - Peyton P.
Lead Toy Ballerina - Hailey R.
Lead Chinese Dancer - Tanya Z.
Lead Arabian Dancer - Fernanda V.
Lead Russian Dancer - Tori H.
Lead Spanish Dancer - Dulce N.
Mother Ginger - Morgan L.
Narrators - Anaya V., Valery B., Matthew M., Mekhi L., Victor T.
Party Dancers - M/Th 5th/6th grade Performing Arts Class
Toy Doll Dancers - Andrea M, Mayra CN, Sophia H.
Toy Soldier Dancers - Giana MO, Isla B, Avah L
Toy Ballerina Dancers - Hayln H, Sariah R, Malaysia P
Godfather Dancers - T/F 7th/8th grade Performing Arts Class
Mice - T/F 5th/6th grade Performing Arts Class
Soldiers - M/Th 7th/8th grade Performing Arts Class
Snowflake Dancers - M/Th 5th/6th grade Performing Arts Class
Spanish Dancers - Paola R, Jasmine S, Josslyn C, Katrina P
Arabian Dancers - Miya C, Piper H, Raquel S, Yoseleen O
Chinese Dancers - Morgan L, Brooklyn L, JuliAnn D
Russian Dancers - T/F 5th/6th grade Performing Arts Class
Dance of the Reeds - T/F 7th/8th grade Performing Arts Class
Gingerbread Dancers - T/F 5th/6th grade Performing Arts Class
Waltz of the Flowers - M/Th 7th/8th grade Performing Arts Class
Sugar Plum Hip Hop Dancers - M/Th 5th/6th grade Performing Arts Class
Show Manager - Lilia T
Stage R Manager - Alan LA
Stage L Manager - Adrian M
Music Crew - Matthew M, Mekhi L
Lights - Enrico G
Projections - Nancy M
Props Crew - Ignacio M, Victor T, Andrea M
Costumes - Melissa H, Andy C
Spotlight - Marelly R
Backstage Crew - Sophia P, Leo B, Max B, Ethan L
Dinosaurs Before Dark Cast List
Posted on September 22, 2019
I am so proud of all our TK-4th grade Performing Arts Scholars and their effort in auditions this past week. Everyone is involved in performing for the show! Show date is November 20 at the AVO Playhouse in Vista!!

Dinosaurs Before Dark Cast List

Otto - Josie G.
Stump - Addyson D.
Annie - Aixa A.
Jackie - Lana W.
Henry - Karma C.
Terri - Sabella S.
Larry - Savianna S.
Gary - Charlize B.
Natty - Mekaylah L.
Susan - Valerie H.
Joan - Gracelyn D.
Toto - Ella R.
Ankylosaurus - Haillie G.
Protoceratops - Kassandra B.
Iguanodon - Sadie S.
Panoplosaurus - Savannah M.
Troodon - Day’Shawn GC.
TRex - Kyle T.
Mom - Anna B.
Dinosaur 1 - Hazel O.
Dinosaur 2 - Aelyssa R.
Saplings - Athziry R., Jamison M., Pablo A., Arden L.
Trees - Tuesday/Friday 1st/2nd grade Performing Arts Scholars
Friends/Foes Dinosaurs - Monday/Thursday 1st/2nd grade Performing Arts Scholars
Dinosaurs - all 3rd/4th grade Performing Arts Scholars
Baby Dinosaurs - all TK/K Performing Arts Scholars
Dino Moms - all 3rd/4th grade Performing Arts Scholars
Posted on September 18, 2019
If you were unable to attend the Back to School Night, here is a list of donations needed this year to help make our four shows fantastic!!!

Donations Appreciated

White tshirts (any size)
RID dye colors (red, green, brown, blue, purple)
Foam squares (8 ½ x 11 any colors, thin)
Elastic (¼” and ½” white and or black)
Felt from wal mart (sold in precut 1 yd fabric cut, all colors)
White baseball hats
Home depot gift cards
Apple Barrel Acryclic Paint (sold at wal mart, all colors)
Scrap Tree pieces to cover wood to make a treehouse look
Fake trees
Small Purple rug
Small wooden flat on wheels
White silky material
Aladdin lamp
Plastic Swords
Tap shoes (any sizes, prefer black or tan)
Yoga Mats (any color)

All donations need to be sent with your scholar to bring to class or left in the office with Mrs. Hobbs name on them. Need everything by October 11!! Thank you for helping make the Performing Arts programs amazing!!
Pasta Fundraiser
Posted on September 17, 2019
Just a reminder that all Fun Pasta order forms and money are due September 24!! Please make sure your scholar has correct money that matches to their orders and that numbers are placed on the order form under the item to indicate the number of that item being ordered. This fundraiser is how we pay for our shows and costumes/sets so help us sell some yummy  Fun Pasta!!