Penn State University

Penn State University
Academic Architects in Action!
Posted on February 21, 2020
Happy Friday Team Notre Dame!

This week students have been working hard on their PBL's. Mr. Watt came in to do a Q and A with the students as they continue to design their schools. Each student group has created a mission statement, and many have begun completing their school handbook and budgets. Look out for more of their work in the coming few weeks!

In math, we finished our Coordinate Plane unit with a Battleship Tournament. Students went head to head, plotting their ships on a coordinate plane and attempting to sink their teammates ships using their knowledge of ordered pairs. After several days, Anish was our champion!

 After finishing the coordinate plane, we began studying expressions and equations involving variables and exponents. This past week, students participated in a Math Relay, working on teams to complete various equations involving exponents and variables, running from their tables to the boards. Who says you can't bring fitness into the classroom?

National School Week
Posted on January 31, 2020
Happy Friday everyone!

It's been a busy time in class! This past week we just started our PBLs - Becoming an Academic Architects. Students are working around the Driving Question: How would you design a new school that meets the needs in our community? Students have spent time developing their mission statement as well as their guiding principles that will make up the foundations of their school. If you would like a more comprehensive idea about what the project is going to look like, please refer to the attached rubric and documents that detail the project. 

In math, we just finished exploring positive and negative rational numbers, which culminated in students taking their Mid-Module Assessment. We started exploring the coordinate plane this week and will continue it going into the following week.

In science, students have been attempting to create a Health Bar that meets the metabolic needs of rescue works and patients in disaster ridden areas. They've done research on the nutrition content of each ingredient for their bars, and have also helped narrow down the differences between what rescue workers need versus patients. 

Also, it was National School Week this past week, and we had some students that dressed up in some hilarious and creative ways. Students did an awesome job dancing and showing their school pride this Friday at our school assembly too!