Character Education

Scholarship Prep is proud to partner with Harper for Kids to bring the Pyramid of Success to our Scholars.

Harper for Kids' youth character development program is based upon legendary UCLA Basketball Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, which include important character traits that can help young people achieve their personal best. Coach Wooden’s character traits are: Competitive Greatness, Poise, Confidence, Condition, Skill, Team Spirit, Self-Control, Alertness, Initiative, Intentness, Industriousness, Friendship, Loyalty, Cooperation, and Enthusiasm. Our goal is for each child to clearly articulate strengths and areas of growth within their own character using the Pyramid of Success as key vocabulary. These reflective and honest conversations between members of the Scholarship Prep community lead to students matriculating from Scholarship Prep as self-aware individuals that understand that our character is something that we work on, just as we work on our reading skills or math skills. They will be able to articulate what each character trait means and what it looks like. At Scholarship Prep, character instruction permeates every subject and part of the daily schedule; teachers will weave the character traits into their direct instruction in every lesson.

"We are very careful to select schools to partner with as we strive to work with principals and teachers who are highly committed to teaching character education and we couldn’t have found a better home for our program than with Scholarship Prep Charter School. From the get go of our partnership...we could see how dedicated they were to helping their students develop strong character and maximize their potential."

Tim & Peanut Harper, Founders of Harper for Kids