Oceanside History

senator gloria romero in office

1. Starting in the Senate

Former California Senator Gloria Romero made her mark in the legislature by leading education reforms to empower parents and provide children with greater school choice. After leaving the legislature, she focused her energies on helping parents utilize the Parent Trigger Law she authored in order to convert their under-performing schools to charter status.

senator gloria romero and jason watts

2. Meeting of the Minds

By way of a mutual acquaintance, former Senator Romero and long time educator and veteran charter school operator Jason Watts met to discuss ways to make a lasting positive impact on families by expanding high quality school choice options in southern California.  After meeting with a small group of families from the Oceanside community, our founders realized their was a need for more high quality schools...and Scholarship Prep could fill that need.

senator gloria romero with scholarship prep student

3. The Purpose

Understanding the national emphasis on ensuring students are "college and career ready", and knowing the fiscal difficulties for families being able to pay for college for their children, the concept for Scholarship Prep was born. The name of the school literally refers to the mission of proving scholarship pathways for students through rigorous academics and intensive athletics and arts.

“After years of writing laws to try to reform schools, I decided to start my own. If we dream it, we can build it, and I expect Scholarship Prep to stand and deliver on behalf of deserving families and students craving a top quality educational opportunity,” said Senator Romero.