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Mrs. Cox
Mrs. Cox
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Guest Speaker - Rick Hohn
Posted on February 26, 2019
We were SO inspired with our guest speakers today! For our PBL this year, our essential question is "how can we take the themes in Wonder and apply them to our community/lives?" We spent first semester reading through Wonder and completing an interactive notebook as we read through the chapters. We did different activities and were asked different types of questions in which we had to write responses for every chapter of the book. This helped us to really analyze this story. We also watched the movie to compare it to the book! For the second semester, we are focusing on disabilities, since Auggie (the main character) has facial dysmorphia. Students spent weeks working on a research project in groups to find information and create a flip book for the disability they chose to research. Today, we had two guest speakers come in to talk about their disabilities and what it is like to live with them. Here is 1: 

This is Rick. Rick was born with Cerebral Palsy. Despite the challenges that he faced, he learned to talk with technology (he uses his head piece to pick letters, which form sentences and phrases and come out through a machine), was an art teacher for students, painted beautiful oil paintings that he has sold, became a pastor for his church, wrote a book, and became a motivational speaker. Talk about inspiring! He left students with this final quote, "You can do absolutely anything you set your mind to. Never give up!" With these words, we most certainly never will give up. 
Guest Speaker - Kiley
Posted on February 26, 2019
Here is our second guest speaker who came in today - Kiley! Kiley has ADD, Autism, & Apraxia (this is difficulty with motor movements - the person may have in their head what they want to say or do, but they cannot send the message to their muscles to actually follow through with this movement). Kiley showed the students a beautiful presentation in which she explained what her disabilities were and talked about her life growing up with these disabilities. The students loved Kiley's positivity and sense of humor! Kiley couldn't fully talk until she was in third grade, but worked hard to get to that point. Kiley inspired the students by telling them that sometimes things may be difficult and it may take them longer to do something, but if they work hard, they can achieve anything! 
Depth and Complexity
Posted on February 15, 2019
This week, we learned about depth and complexity icons and how to use them in different subjects. The students were SO engaged and loved diving deeper into our article about Citizenship that we read in our Studies Weekly for social studies. I am so excited to be implementing these icons into learning! :) It is a fantastic way to get students to think deeper about the text and really use their critical thinking skills. 
See you tomorrow!
Posted on February 12, 2019
I hope you all enjoyed the 4 day weekend with your families! :) School will be back in session tomorrow, February 13 at our normal time - 8:15 a.m. See you all bright and early! :) 
100th Day of School
Posted on February 8, 2019
We had a blast celebrating the 100th day of school! Here is a shot of my aged self along with my mini 100 year old students! :) 
Dino Race
Posted on January 25, 2019
We have been learning all about dinosaurs & fossils in our science unit. This week, we learned about the distance and speed a dinosaur runs and tested our speed and stride length against that of a dinosaur close to our size (his name was Cee-Lo!). 3 runners were picked to test their stride length and one student was picked to mark and measure the distance. The students even had me test out my stride length! Luckily, all of us would be able to outrun Cee-Lo! :) The students had a blast cheering on their classmates. 
Secret Life of Anakin
Posted on December 8, 2018

Our book that we worked on in November came in this week! "The Secret Life of Anakin" is a story that talks about the secret life of our sweet anteater mascot! If your child bought a copy of the book, check it out! If not, we have a copy in our classroom! :) It is a wonderful read. So proud of my students for becoming authors and illustrators!

Pure Bliss
Posted on November 28, 2018

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my students take their knowledge of what they have learned in class and applying it outside of the classroom. In this case, I had two of my students choose a book about space in the reading room today and seeing their faces light up warmed my heart. They would say things like, "Mrs. Cox! Look! Its the Apollo 11 mission we learned about!" and "Wow! That's the Eagle! And the control center in Houston!". They couldn't stop smiling while looking through the book and were amazed at how many things they recognized in the book. In our current Language Arts module, we are learning all about space and the Apollo 11 mission. I just had to capture this sweet-as-can-be moment :)

Happy Thanskgiving
Posted on November 25, 2018

Hoping that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends! I got to spend the day with my family in Orange County and had a blast! There is so much to be thankful for! :) I will see you all bright and early tomorrow morning! :)

Book Reports
Posted on November 9, 2018

Who knew reading could be so yummy!? I absolutely LOVED getting to read through all of my kiddos book reports! They did a wonderful job on their sandwich book reports and had so much fun working on them! :) Come check out our book report wall outside of the classroom and sneak a peek at some of the awesome book reports my third grade students did!

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